The Kangaroo Club is a UK registered charity, which aims to help and support anyone with an ileo-anal pouch or a Koch pouch and their families. It is also for anyone considering ileo-anal pouch surgery or Koch pouch surgery. We hope you find this website useful and would be delighted if you would like to join us.

Headline News

Research team requesting help

The Kangaroo Club has been contacted by a research team of doctors at St Mark's Hospital who want to speak to people who have had a colectomy and ileo-anal pouch due to their inflammatory bowel disease. They particularly want to speak to people who chose to have this surgery due to the finding of changes in the colon lining (called dysplasia). They want to learn how to better communicate and support patients through the process of deciding whether or not to have a colectomy and pouch for this condition.

As they say, they can only do this if they hear directly from people who have experienced this and can tell them their stories and what worked or didn't when speaking to their doctors. If you are interested in taking part then please do click on this weblink, also for more information: https://goo.gl/forms/Gnvrga854ItkCGCq1 or you can email misha.kabir1@nhs.net for more information.

Information Days & New Facebook Group

The 2018 Information Day held at the John Radcliffe hospital Oxford, on Saturday 6th October, was a very friendly and relaxed, but informative event - much enjoyed by all who attended. All that was covered during the day will be written up and posted on the website, but this will be take a while as it was a packed day!

The 2019 information day will be held at the John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford on Saturday 5th October 2019, but in the meantime do keep in touch via the new closed Facebook group - Kangaroo Club Pouch Support Group - which can be reached from the links in the right-hand-side column, under the heading 'Resources'. Or by clicking here: Facebook Group  
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